FAE outsourcing

Individual directions

Auto transport

The experience and developed contacts of our company allow us to deliver goods of any type as quickly as possible by Auto transport

Maritime transport

Maritime container transport significantly reduces the cost of transport in the case of long-range transport of goods.

Air transport

Air freight delivery is the fastest and most efficient way of transportation over long distances

Railway transport

This delivery method is in demand due to financial benefits and efficiency over long distances.

Freight forwarding

Integrated services for registration, insurance, and cargo transportation.


International goods transportation

We use our own trucks, as well as our partner network throughout Europe.

Customs registration

Our company provides brokerage services for cargo processing.


FEA Outsourcing

A service that allows you to transfer non-core functions of your company to us for service.

Insurance of goods

Often the value of the goods is higher than the carrier’s annual earnings; insure your goods on time.

Search services of partners and manufacturers

We are engaged in the selection of contractors to solve your problem.

Warehousing services

We will solve the warehouse needs of your company at a professional level as soon as possible.

Logistic support

Always in touch to solve issues of any complexity.

We will help you with your task in a comprehensive manner

About the company

Joint-stock company “AmarantEst” has been operating in the market of freight forwarding services since 1991. We offer a full range of services for the organization and transportation of various shipments of cargo from anywhere in the world by any means of transport. The formation of optimal travel routes allows us to minimize customer transportation costs, as well as make it the most secure.

The purpose of our work is to free our clients (owners, senders or recipients of goods) from any problems and difficulties associated with transportation, registration, customs processing, insurance and safety of their products, taking on the whole complex of solving organizational issues on logistics in commodity flows.