About the company

Auto transport

We offer reliable international transport services in cooperation with our strong partner network in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries

Air transport

Our employees, who have many years of experience in air cargo management, will find the most suitable solution for you.

Maritime transport

Ferry transportation is a simple and profitable method of transporting cars, special vehicles, equipment and various goods.

Railway transport

Specialists of our company are able to ensure reliable and safe international transportation of your cargo to any distance.

History of the company

Joint-stock company “AmarantEst” has been operating in the market of freight forwarding services since 1991. We offer a full range of services for the organization and transportation of various shipments of cargo from anywhere in the world by any means of transport. The formation of optimal travel routes allows us to minimize customer transportation costs, as well as make it the most secure.

The purpose of our work is to free our clients (owners, senders or recipients of goods) from any problems and difficulties associated with transportation, registration, customs processing, insurance and safety of their products, taking on the whole complex of solving organizational issues on logistics in commodity flows.